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  Meet Trapper, Shane, Darko, Mary, Drian, Shawn and Jennifer!  

We have been avid travelers and cruise fanatics for almost a decade.  We are bringing our experiences and love of the travel industry to our Dream Vacations Agency as Just Add Water Vacations.  We are a full service agency that can handle all of your travel needs!  If you are looking for all inclusive vacations at an exotic locale, looking to plan a wedding and arrangments or just visiting your family here in the States we can find you the best deals out there with some lucrative packages, many of which include air.  Feel free to reach out to us anytime.  As always the biggest compliment that we could receive is to have your referrals to friends and family.  Thanks for thinking of us when you are looking to book your vacation and we look forward to talking with you soon.  Happy Travels!    Trapper, Shane, Mary, Darko, Brian, Shawn, Deanna and Jennifer. 


Meet Trapper, Shane, Darko, Mary, Shawn, Jen, Brian and Deanna

Meet Trapper, Shane, Darko, Mary and Brian!

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